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Financial Resolutions

Whatever your 2022 resolutions are, you should add one more to it: a financial resolution. Here are five easy ideas to give you a jump start on creating your own.

1. Aim for small improvements

Set small achievable goals for yourself and your family! Skip coffee twice a week and make it at home. Avoid that trip to Target. Try a family game night instead of going to the movies. Small steps will help you reach any savings those goals.

2. Build a budget

Set aside an hour and look at the past month's bills—what can you cut? Where are you spending too much? Don't forget that Finance Helper can help you break everything down.

3. Start saving by starting small

Determine how much you can set aside monthly and get started. A good goal is to save one month of income this year. Plus, if you need cash, you can always use Instant Cash to get up to $250 instead of tapping into your savings.

4. Invest in building your credit

A better credit score will lower loan interest rates, give you a better car insurance rate, and more. With Credit Builder, you can build your credit by up to 60 points* in just 6 months while saving money.

5. Find an accountability partner

Sharing your financial goals with someone will often help make them a reality. Find someone you trust and ask them to be your partner in this financial journey—discuss what’s working, what’s not, and how you can fix it.

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